Top Leafs Canoeing? Help!

@DEEPDIVERDAVE, I double checked my light readings, and wrote the results down this time. It is raining here today so it not possible to check to phone app in the sun. I took the light level readings in Lux at 15 inches from each light, and each is in identical 2x3 tents. One can calibrate my phone app, but I was afraid that this would make it worse. It seems to be close enough, for me. But I would recommend that anyone using this app with a light that has an efficiency greater than 2.5. Add a couple points to the DLI readings, just to be on the safe side.
The double Diablo 330 watt
At 15 inches and 100% is 96k, 75% is 83k, and 50% is 52k
The 260 Rspec FR
At 15 inches and 100% is 60k, 75% is 54k, and 50% is 40k