Top cola still all white pistils, need to harvest soon

I’m coming up on an out of town trip and absolutely need to harvest and dry before I leave (friend is curing for me).

But this wedding cake auto shows no signs of its pistils turning red/brown on the top cola.

Other bud sites show a decent amount of red/brown (see attached).

I would usually go by 60% red/brown pistils as a sign to harvest, but I can’t figure out when I should if the top cola pistils are still so white. I also note that it doesn’t seem to have as robust trichomes as other parts of the plant.

Is it okay to harvest bit by bit? Is the top cola likely to ripen better if other bud sites are gone?

Finally, is there a way to hasten drying or is 7 days still really the lower end for how fast the process should take? Just trying to figure out how late I can wait to harvest the top cola.

Thanks all!

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Your plant is weeks from harvest and harvesting now will severely impact THC content (by as much as 50% at this point.) I’m afraid that you might be disappointed with your harvest. I would ask your friend to stop by and water instead of worrying about curing.

Here’s a video that lays out THC content week-by-week of flowering:


What he said


Ugh, that’s tragic!

My friend lives an hour away, I was just going to drop off the curing jars when I visit before leaving town. Also, friend can’t dry at their place, was just going to cure.

Damn damn damn.

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You got another 4 weeks to go.


It won’t help with this grow but you may wanna consider Autopots for your next grow. Several use them including me. Love them and you can go away for days (depending on the size of your reservoir).

Do a search on this site and google. .


I agree, you have some weeks to go. :blush::v:

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When are you leaving and how long will you be gone?

I get it. It’s a PITA. I left a grow for 2 weeks about a year ago. The only person could help was a friend that is 45 minutes away. I gave him a couple zips of the harvest for his effort.

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Sadly this is the down-side of growing. My wife wanted to go traveling summer 2023, Sure screwed the outdoor grow (2023) and indoor (spring), being gone for seven weeks.
My advice,
Water heavy, turn lights low and hope for best, if you can’t find a trusted person.

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