Too tall question

Tie it over. In the future you might consider topping your plants so they don’t grow so tall.


I want 30 foot ceilings so I can grow 38 feet monsters.:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

Most of my bends come from the weight of the flowers. I’ve grown Main Colas horizontal due to the weight. I’m even considering trying to grow a plant upside down like the tomato plant. :joy::joy::joy:

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ive seen your arcing pot! Pretty nice for a small space! And yeah, if he just arcs them over and ties em down the bud weight should do all the rest, if not snap a few lol
Oh by the way, I measured my Johaars yesterday at 5 feet tall! Still have until August to veg!

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Yup…it works with enough weight. I did some Fim on last grow cycle and the plants got so heavy they was tearing about where I did the Fim. Thus they got pulled earlier than I normally would.

The colas was so heavy she grew horizontal. This allowed some of the bottom get extra light in. I forgot to add. I do release the branches I have tied down and what not. Let the flowers get some weight and then release. It shouldn’t go back to growing straight up.

This is why I don’t recommend my style of grow. You really need to be a Johnny Appleseed mofo on the spot.

one of my plants are dropping the stem ND leaf

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Looking good ! I can see you have both switches on, that’s good. Most autos start flowering in 4 to 7 weeks.

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It’s starting to smell

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