Too many bud sites

I read somewhere that on inside plants there should only be a certain number of buds. Cant remember how many but I read it late and now my 5 gallon bucket under a net must have 50 plus buds the size of your finger tip with brown hairs. Flipped to 12/12 on Feb. 1.
Also I noticed buds on the side ,6 inches lower are as big as my thumb and white. Could there be too much light on the top buds.

Can you post a pic? The plant can only do so much with whatever light you give it. If you’ve got it under a net as in scrog style, as long as they’re all getting about the same light, they should fatten up. You still have a while to go. If you only flipped on 2/1, then you’re probably only a few weeks into flowering.

And the root ball sized to the canopy too.

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Thanks for the reply. I know I have a long time before harvest BUT the buds on top that are smaller than the buds 6 inches lower has me thinking.The lower buds are bigger and white hairs compared to the ones on top, smaller and brown. I guess what I am asking is, could the light turn the hairs brown because they are getting too much light, since they are a long way from being ripe.
They are in a 5 gallon DWC.

Thanks, my root ball is large.Seriously filling half the bucket with packed roots. Being a newbie I added another air stone in the middle of the ball.The plant looks great, but why are the hairs turning brown when the buds are small. Too much light ooooor too many buds. I will get pics soon.