Too long in veg?

Hi. Can anyone please give me some advice. I had some trouble with spidermites while the plants was stil in veg and it took a while to get rid of them and now the plants have been in veg for 8 weeks. Will this affect the heild? Please see pics, plants in firs week of flowering


Yep it’ll effect yeild you’re gonna get more of it lol longer veg =bigger plants=more bud


What greenS said.:slight_smile:

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Lol ok that makes sense. Had some negative feedback from local growers and just had to settle the nerves. This is my first grow so not really sure what to expect.


I’m a beginner as well and some say bugs increase in potency…

I got rid of spider mites in my veg tent by using a diffuser with tea tree oil or any other essential oils that repels bugs, dish soap,water and mixed well . You want to get a watered down milk like liquid not to much bubbles/soap. I diffuse my tent every other day. That seems to work for me before I put them in flower.

In the flowering tent I pick off the leaves with dust like spots, I rap sticky tape on the trunk and that seems to keep them under control in flowering.

Im going to try filling my flowering tent with smoke at night and I’ll let you know if it works.

I hope you find your solution with spider mites.

I vegged my first photo girls vegged 60 days harvested two so far


6 months for these 2 as I was working on correcting 6 other plants in that tent and time got away from me.
Can’t think of much of a downside to longer veg except turn around time for next harvest, more cost to feed them, time and running out of head room.

They are filling an 4 1/2 X 8 X 7 tall tent.
Pics about 2 1/2 weeks old had just flipped I think

Gunna have to move them or hella super crop bro you got no room left

Here they are tonight. One on left under Photo Boost strips at 100% power and on right under 2 HLG 240 rspec at 50% as of now.
They are about down with the flip stretch and on a 12:30 day and 11:30 dark

I think they will be fine. I’ll just bend them and weigh them down more as needed. Struggling with the one in the 7 gallon pot. Drinking a gallon every day and a half or so and giving the one in the 20 gal pot about double that.