Too far to transplant?

A question from a fellow grower;

I think my plant has some nute deficiency, or soil ph is off. Is it too far n 2 flowering 2 transplant 2 new soil? Personal grow, cfl lights, foxfarms nutes.

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What size is the pot the plant in , and what strain ? If you seeing defiencies , could be root bound , but it don’t look to bad off its flowering , it just won’t give you that big heavy wieght yield due to the pot size being small . The bigger the roots , the bigger the fruits !

My personal opinion is I wouldn’t transplant it. A friend a while ago had a good few plants growing indoors and transplanted to bigger pots during the early stages of flowering and all plants turned hermie from the stress of the move. Transplant was done quick and no root damage, but the plants were very sensitive. Could of just been the strain.

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I wouldn’t risk that late , especially when she flowering . But in the future after week three , transplant it into its final pot , the bigger the roots , the bigger the fruits !

Thanks for the advice guys.I do have another question by the time it finishes will the buds have gotten any bigger? Right now trichomes r starting 2 come n, but not enough to distinguish n e thing. Just fuzz.

Don’t get the trichomes confused with the pistillate hairs.

I’m still not sure on something. Is there n e thing I can or should do 2 help this plant? It doesn’t seem as though the buds r getting n e bigger. I’ve flushed out with clear water, haven’t given n e more nutes yet, still very moist. It’s white widow, n a 2 1/2 or 3 gal pot. Want n e info u can give me on a product u can buy for root shock.

There is no need to transplant. CFL lights cannot cause the plant to produce enough roots to fill that grow bag/pot.

Make sure you adjust the PH of your nutrient solution. If you do that you should be able to finish plant successfully.

note: if you are using soil enhanced with nutrients from the factory, and provide water soluble nutrient solution on top of that; it can create issues.