To risky to transplant this plant

Today, after visiting family I picked up a plant and this plant has been growing for about three weeks. Apparently from what I’ve been told the plant was about to die then rerooted itself. It is currently in a 1 gallon pot. Should I bother transplanting it into a 2 gallon or leave it alone due to the fact that it might get transplant shock and just die all together. I don’t know the sex of this plant so I am keeping it away from my feminized plants.

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Poor little guy… or girl… don’t repot yet. I generally wait until my bottom set has over grown the edges of the pot before repotting When they’re that small.


Leave it be. Only reason to transplant is because they’ve out grown their pot. That’s not the case here.

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Thank you! This is actually my first grow, I’ll post pictures of my set up once I get everything in this week.