To risky im a jerk for this

Hello guys ladies in Lst with topping figure i would give half dosage of fox farm nutrients just maybe to help the girls in these hard times. Think it was a horrible idea multiple people on this lovely forum not to. Guess what being a idiot i did. Yellowing hope all is well or is it new growth yellowing i hope so.

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Just appears to be rapid growth. The tips are getting green so it looks like the chlorophyll is starting to fill in.


See that is why i love this forum. Always reassurance or the answer to the problem. Lets just hope it is rapid growth now im going to go to sleep on a happy note😁


What exactly did you feed, I don’t see any problems here.

Also… age of plants?

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4 weeks old gg#4. I gave them half of the dosage for seedlings fox farm nutrients prescribed for seedlings. The picture sort of looks greener then in person. Im guessing its my guilty conscience because i should not have gave them anything.

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They look good to me I don’t see no problem either

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