To herm or not to herm?

This poor girl had a rough life from GO. I rescued this Durban poison that was told to be from a cutting originally but I’m always suspect they are some rookies bag seed for fun. She was spindly in a tiny pot and I cut her back and vegged her out and then isolated it in my 2x4 clone and drying tent for flower. While I was doing an inspection of trichomes and the various flowers I spotted this. Regardless she was in week 9 and I chopped her and moved her two floors up in a sealed room to dry. Out of the 30 cola sites this is the only one that was suspect oddly enough. It was May last dirt project and a very needy plant that had obviously had a stressful life. Do you think it’s a herm? This is the only photo I have to go on.


Certainly looks like set of nuts on there.

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Those are calyxes that have been pollenated. I dont see actual pollen sacs… but some got in there somehow


I hated that girl from day one. Hopefully I’ve got it contained and it doesn’t ravage through my main tent that is half way done with critical plus.

Now that is scary… are her pistils orange and receding early?

Week 9 day 3 of a pure sativa Friday when I caught it.

This are seeds pods as Purp pointed out.

Do you see any nanners on it anywhere. Any chance you brought some pollen in on some clothes maybe? Any outdoor growing near by?

Not at latitude 56°. I’m super baffled. No nanners or male flowers anywhere else on the the entire plant.

There is something you can buy but it may be too late it’s called pollen flush or something to spray the rest but you may have a wasted crop if you think your plants have been pollenated id harvest now

I said I already did

Sorry must have missed that you definitely need to pick then good chance the rest will be contaminated.
Could be a male plant outside somewhere near you or maybe you brought it in on your clothes or something ,

I use two carbon filters one on my exhaust for the smell the other covers where my fresh air draws in just in case there’s some pollen floating around it’s crazy how far it can travel.

Other things I do is I only go into my room after showering and putting on clean clothes and I have a foot bath at your door to my room