To cut branches or not when harvesting

Hey everyone, I have been doing alot of reading because like many this is my first time growing. I am growing outside and have 9 plants going. Was thinking about doing the bud wash when done then hanging them and dry trimming. So my question is this. I would assume the only way to wash the plants is to cut the individual branches off the plant. Does this have any effect on the drying process as to compared to hanging the whole plant as one? Just curious on opinions. Thanks

I cut mine down individually and leaving an inch or two of stem.


I wash and rinse in 5 gallon buckets

Initial drip dry

Hang to allow excess to drip or evaporate off
Then into the dry box

I would think trying to wash and dry a whole plant would risk trapping too much moisture in the interior of the plant.

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I am fairly new as well, and have washed both of my first grows. My rationale for cutting is simple. I have a couple of my wife’s portable stands she uses to dry underwear, panties and such. I cut the branches so I can hang them there to drip dry after washing. After that I move the whole assembly to another room with AC and a Dehumidifier for 10-12 days. Easy.

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I believe that should correlate with your your drying set up depends on temp and humidity… the idea is to dry as long as possible… so if your drying in a warmer low RH environment then you will wanna leave as much of the plant together and leaves as possible to slow the drying process if your environment is a lower temp and a good RH you should be fine to cut it into individual branches or buds all comes down to environment.

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