Tired looking marijuana plant

A question from a fellow grower:

just a question, hope you can help. Ive looked in your book for tired looking plant
its a pineapple ice (I have 5 and all are looking well) but this one looks tired
I have a feel for the plants and the others feel vibrant, when I go near this one, its
like its depressed. what do you reckon… do you think it is lacking in something
I treat them all the same… theres no bugs or grubs or creepy things on it
it is not waterlogged nor is it bone dry…

When you buy a bunch of seeds of a known strain from a reputable seed company, it doesn’t mean some of your seeds won’t still come out as kinda duds. There are genetic factors that come into play even from “self feminized” pollination. In a general perspective, a seed made from the mother plant with “feminized pollen” from one of its own flowers that had been forced to hermaphrodite, is almost like a clone of the parent plant. But it is not a perfect clone, you still have a splitting of the genetic information and a recombination of said genetics. There are other genetic factors as well that can change the new little seed, like epigenetics as well as other factors. This one version of pineapple ice may just like things a bit differently, drier or wetter soil than the rest, a lower or higher PH than the rest, or slightly different temperatures than the rest. Then there is the chance that no matter what you do, it will still always look droopy and depressed.

Did you bust up crucial life energy giving roots; When you added those sticks into the pot for support?

Oh yeah, that could cause it to struggle for quite awhile until it repairs some of the root structure.

Good call, Latewood.