Tips to help a newbie adjust to smoking

@Dj351 Maybe try a dry herb vaporizer, especially one that uses convection heating (instead of conduction heating), since it’s smoother.

A few months ago, I bought a second vape, one that is convection and is a very good price. The convection vape really is smoother/less harsh. Planet of the Vapes is having their 420 sale, so the model I bought is $87, it’s the POTV XMAX V3 Pro. Also, it has adjustable temperatures anywhere from 212°F to 428°F, so she could vape with lower temps that are less harsh. I often vape around 375F, sometimes cooler, quite enough to “get me there”, yet with minimal harshness, hardly any, really.

Planet of the Vapes has a 14-day return policy in which you can get a refund or store credit if it doesn’t work for your wife. They only ask that it’s returned clean. At the temps I mentioned above, mine is still pretty clean, just for reference.

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hallucinations from a thc gummy? I would make sure she is getting something that you know is pesticide free. I’ve coached many people on eating and dieting and whenever they get an unwanted reaction during food testing, I tell them "don’t chalk that up to you can’t have that food. First give it a break and try that same food in organic " and 98% of the time that works!

There are other options… dabbing? A tiny bit will do her so she doesn’t have to inhale all that smoke! Vaporizer, I have to take VERY long, slow hits like 5-10 seconds and take in just a little bit of regular air with it and that helps me a lot. Bong hit, pipes, joints all hit way better but don’t make me cough. Hubby is even more sensitive to it. he coughs unless he takes smaller hits.

Sublingual Tinctures? They taste like crap but that may work too.

And this will sound really weird… they make suppositories now too. I had to point my sis in that direction because edibles made her sick to her stomach and she refuses to smoke. She quit cigarettes 30 years ago and hates the smoke.


Bummer about the gummy experience, and I can’t blame her. Hopefully she’ll find something that works and something that is enjoyable, too.

A long while ago, I tried three different edibles from the dispensary and all of them were unpleasant! One was trippy, one was just eh without any benefit, and the last one only gave me a headache. Never again. Maybe it’s isolates, mostly THC, but I’m sensitive to that. Whole herb is so much better with all of the terpenes and cannabinoids, homegrown being the best where you have control over what is grown, how it’s grown, and when to harvest.


Holy crap :open_mouth:, I thought my wife was in bad shape :rofl:

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Have you tried vape cartridges? You keep the heat down on those should be okay. I have the cough issue as well. Smaller hits helped me. Don’t have high school lungs anymore🤦🏻‍♂️


Like others have said look into Dry herb vaporizer. I use a Yocan Vane.

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A suggestion of pre dosing with cbd…