Tips on pruning prior to switching over

Afraid that if I veg anymore I will run out of room.
Any tips for pruning prior to switching?
Blue cheese aprox 40 days veg

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What all do you have going on?
Tent size
What are you growing in? soil hydro??
ILGM says blue cheese is average size. Meaning it is bigger than compact.
I would check grow weed easy Nebulas pruning tutorial or any veg stage defoliation. Your plants are very bushy and need to be thinned out.
I would also try to even the height between the two. Probably need to take 6" off the taller one.


Hey there
2x4 tent 500w led , recirculating DWC.
First time grow . Plants are 26 inches and about 18
Cleaned them up a bit … training some branches
. Gonna flower today

Pruned down … hopefully this does the trick


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Stretching out for the first week of flower