Tips for starting!

A question I get a lot is: what are good tips to start growing marijuana? What soil, humidity, temperatures, fertilizer and nutrients… How long does it take? Here’s what I would recommend:

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The plants love a temperature of around 72 degrees (no hotter then 79) and a high humidity during veg and a low one during flower. A loose soil is the best. A mix of soil, coco and perlite should do the trick.

Using a cutting the vegetative growth period is usually around 3 weeks. Then flower for 9. Using a seedling you need to pay attention to its progress, some can grow big in three weeks and some need longer.

Any other tips?


If you have time and plenty of headroom; Veg for 8 weeks and grow a Monster plant. This will almost double your yield, if you have the patience to wait. Expect to Flower 8-12 weeks if you follow this schedule. :slight_smile: