Tiny flat in soil

Hi, can anyone help?
My girl in grown in pot, kept outside during the day and indoors at night…I use no nutrients just tap and rain water when I can…I’ve noticed the last cotuple of days I have tiny black flush in soil, loads of them, they are not on the plant,any ideas?shes is doing very well tho i think lol

black flush? mold? less water takes out mold

if you don’t use a PH meter to control what plant gets…you are “flying blind”. PH is very important. if you are lucky, your water source is a good PH.

Tiny black flies? Sounds like fungus gnats. Soil is probably too wet.


Is there any thing I can do to sort it?,

Fungus gnats lay their eggs in moist soil. The eggs hatch after a few days, then the larvae start eating fungus in the soil. Once the soil is depleted of fungus they start eating your roots.

If you live somewhere where fungus gnats live you will have to battle them continuously. They will infect every plant in your house and continue to multiply and lay eggs. You need to break the cycle and come up with a strategy to keep them under control.

The most effective way to kill the larvae is with a product called mosquito bites. They can be bought at many big box stores as well as online. You need to treat all your plants in the house by sprinkling them on the soil.

Now you need to keep gnats living in the environment from reinfecting your plants. You can cover your soil with sand and /or gravel to keep them away, but careless watering will leave an opening.

You can monitor the problem with the yellow sticky sheets. The gnats are attracted to yellow and if you get them coming (as adults coming to lay eggs) and going (as newly hatched adults) you can minimize the infection.

There are other things you can do like leaving open bowls of water with other ingredients to attract and kill them as well. You should look online for suggestions.