Timing f/ new seedlings

When should I start seedlings to replace other mature plants in the tent after harvest, how far into flower ?  Right now I have Gold Leaf in the tent (photo), I'll start the seedlings under a 4' T5  w/ 4 - 6400K bulbs, they grow very well under this light. Any advice appreciated.

The answer is highly dependent upon your setup and growing techniques.

For my setup and technique:
I start new seeds about one week after the flip to flowering light schedule.
I cut clones the day before the flip to flowering light schedule.

I veg my plants for nearly 8 weeks.

I am still dialling in the scheduling of these things as I have only had 7 grows, need more experience.


Thanks, This is my first indoor grow. I’ve been starting all my garden plants from seed for years, but they all go outside.

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