Times are good very good

I have 5 plants scrogged in a 4x4 tent about a week away from harvest and I ordered the heavy hitters mix pack about a week ago and they arrived today. Excited for harvest and for next grow. Only problem is on of the gorilla glue seeds came all busted up but not one to complain. Just happy to have seeds ready for next run!


Dude, your title is inspirational. Times are good, maybe even better than before. Erase the angst, concerns, and media, most people are living better than before this Covid crap.

Don’t get that me wrong, going forward is tough, but it’s a rebirth that makes us all more dynamic and successful. Enjoy the now and look “forward” to the future.

Let’s all stay positive, germinate twice the amount of seeds we normally would have, and use this time in history to make a plant based revolution, starting with CANNABIS!


Couldn’t have put it better myself @AAA and amen to that :sunglasses:. I don’t watch that shit on tv I would rather sit and watch my plants and read a book. I have 8 seeds in various stages of germination. 1 plant in flower, 1 in preflower and 4 in full on veg. Let the revolution begin :scream::sunglasses::sunglasses:
@Jordo good luck with your harvest and pity about the busted up seed. Just hope the rest pop for you :sunglasses:


F’yeah! Let’s do this.

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We will end up mashed and miss the lot :scream::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I got some white widow freebees with a purchase once (not from this site) and 2 of the 3 freebee seeds were smashed. I’ve honestly got enough seeds to last me for the rest of my life and it’s not like white widow is a prized, rare strain. Never did bother with trying to get them replaced. No big deal.

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Also Jordo, hit up ILGM for a replacement. I don’t see it as complaining, I’m sure they would be more than happy to replace.

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I’ve not dealt with replacements with ILGM but I do hear too that they are very good about it. It’s one of the things people really like about ILGM.


Ya I’m sure they probably would replace it but I only really plan on doing one of each this next grow so no worries. I’ll probably buy some different strains for the grow after that too