Time change for light

My light is running from 5:45am to 9:45 pm
I was wondering if i could change it from 9:45pm to 5:45am to save on electricity

My grow room.

Tips advice?


Well, not really. You’d only have 8 hours of light when you should have 18. Unless I misunderstand the question …

@PhantomFarmer i want to swith from my light being on during tje day to night time

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That is totally fine, as long as you don’t have any light leaks into your grow space during the day.

I did the same thing on pretty much the same time schedule. Unplug the light when it turns off. Then leave it off for a day turning back on the next night. Just remember to water before you turn off the light.

I switched from a lights on at night to a lights on during the day scenario. There was one period of 6 hours of light between the switch-over. No problem. The plants are splendid.

@Wishingilivedina420state thanks man. Thats what ill do… it wont stress the seedlings to much ?

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And is it okay that it will be geeting that much less of light? @Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971

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light stress would only be caused by repeated and frequent changes not fast and sweet

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@Donaldj how would u do it

I would just reset light schedule to how I wanted all at once

:+1: Like @Donaldj said!

What should i use ro lower my ph ? Pure lemon juice or viniger ?? And how much do i put i just dont want to put to much to ruin it. @bob31 @Donaldj @Wishingilivedina420state

New grow room bringing pots up tomorrow are they to far from the light

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I’ve only ever used ph up or down.

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Phosphoric acid is the best thing to use in the grow room. Acetic and citric acid are weak and will not break down in your soil or be used up by the plants. They can build up over time and ruin your crop.

@3high5you ive been using distiled water i mix it with my tap water to get a ph level of about 6.2 is this okay

Yes, no problem there at all, except for the expense. Phosphoric acid is quite cheap and safe for you and the plants.

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What is your grow medium @Nickrivard420 6.2 isn’t really an optical pH. 6.5 for soil and 5.8 for soiless.

You’ll have a lot less problems if you get them exact!


@bob31 thanks for the reply helped a lot. I use pro mix