Thrip Damage and Black Spots during flowering

Hello all,
I’m having a few issues with my WW auto, 12 weeks from sprouting today. Aside from nute burn from lack of measuring ppm finally catching up to me, I’ve noticed a lot of thrip damage this past couple weeks as well as tiny black spots mostly on sugar leaves. I’ve also spotted 3 tiny white slugs (presumably larvae?) to which I removed the affected fan leaf as well as other leaves I saw were having issues.
From my understanding there is not a lot you can do this late as I don’t think she has more than another couple weeks to harvest.
Can someone please assist on the best course of action at this point? Although I haven’t spotted infestation levels of pests, the signs of their activity is certainly there. How detrimental is this to my harvest? Any insights greatly appreciated.

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Almost looks more like spider mite damage but black ‘dots’ are usually a sign of thrips, so you may have both.

I would still treat the plants to keep them out of your buds…

Captain Jacks Dead Bug is ok to use during flower.