Three Gelato Autos

I have the three plants. I think they are getting close to harvest. Should I harvest all at once or individually based on the look of their trichomes. In other words if one is ready, harvest all or not? They were planted on the same day and have beed cared for identically. They have a room mate. A photo Gold Leaf that has a ways to go still. The auto’s trichomes appear to be getting cloudy but I’m not seeing any amber.


They will still mature at different rates. Harvest each plant individually according to how they look.
These 2 White Widow autos are also same age, grown side by side. They will be weeks apart.

@HMGRWN got you. Selective harvesting will help make sure you don’t end up with one quality plant, and two that just end up giving you a headache because they didn’t get ripe enough.