Thoughts of Autumn


The Cannabis is ready to harvest and fall cold is moving in.

Going to go whitetail deer hunting Nov 4 with both my sons. Normally, I would not even think of going but it will be the first time in 20 years I have hunted and the first time I am feeling well enough to be able to hunt with both of my sons. We sighted in our rifles last week but I was unaware that I was going hunting at the time. I just went to the gun range to help spot and adjust their shots. Didn’t know they already had it planned. Guess they wanted to see if the old man could still shoot !

The deer here are what I call TINY compared to the corn-fed monsters I used to see in New York but it will be fun to be at the deer camp with everyone. Maybe even get a deer myself. A small one would fit in the freezer and it would be nice to make some deer chili for the few cold days we get here in the winter.

This is my target. The first time I have fired the rifle (30.06) in 15 years. The last 5 shots were the three at the edge of the 9 circle, one top 9 and one 10. 20 total shots to get it on target. Any of those shots should be effective.

Time to hunt ! Hopefully pictures of deer to come. Jerry

PS: For all you Bambi lovers in the forum, sorry, that is how I was raised. Not trying to offend anyone !


That’s so awesome that you’re going hunting with your sons! I hope you get a nice :deer:. It’s not the size that counts … rather the quality of the total experience that you and your boys will remember and cherish!
Many many years ago I guess you could have called me a Bambi lover but changed my mind after my first trip through the Poconos. I was in tears after seeing one dead deer after another. My wonderful Father-in-law comforted me and kindly taught me how important it was to hunt for the survival of the animals.
Upon returning to Florida I took my Hunters Education course then became an instructor. I see both sides, but I still explain the difference between conservation (wise use of natural resources) & preservation (non use) to many. My favorite courses taught was when I had families taking the course together :blush:
PS I was primarily a bird hunter and never shot a deer. But in the course I taught we had a “field day” and I was in charge of laying out a shot deer tracking situation. I had a professional tracker that day who thought we had really stumbled on a live blood trail. We had a helluva time convincing him it wasn’t real until I made him taste the blood :rofl: My students knew I didn’t hunt deer so he was astounded by how realistic it was. Heck. I just pretended I was a shot deer and ran through the brush sprinkling my colored caro syrup!


You are absolutely right about time with the sons. My sons being there is a chance to bond again with my now grown up “boys” who now have families of their own and time to spend in this manner is rare with them trying to raise their families. I still get consulted every now and then and, of course, the “Grandpa Duty” that I love so much. Can never get enough of that. I honestly do not care about getting a deer, just want to see my boys and do something that I never had done for me, hunt with my dad. Wish more of the younger generation would realize how important family really is ! !

My hat is off to you for being an instructor. That takes a lot of commitment to do. Where I grew up, the families, a lot of times including the women, would show up at the Hunter’s Safety Curses and talk about hunting. It was a whole day thing for everyone.

Better times, In my estimation. You could trust your neighbor and people were just seemed more friendly.

L loved the story about the tracker. Bet that was funny. Have a great Autumn. Jerry


Yeah. I kinda figured I had you pegged :heart: I’m getting all teary eyed for you with happiness. I’m with you about the younger generation and family appreciation. Best not get me started on that topic :rofl:
Thanks. I put in 7 years and have some great memories and a few good stories :grinning:!


Good for you @TxGrowman

I have always loved this time of year and I am a rare soul who loves Winter until long about the middle of March when the sledding starts to suck. Enjoy and good luck.

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Huntings a way of life in texas. I learned to shoot a rifle by age 10. Between predators & hunters, deer are kept healthy and numbers are within range for them to thrive. My memories of hunting with my dad are priceless! My hubbys not a hunter so the tradition has been handed down to my grandsons by me and what fun it is. Theyre so noisy we rarely get anything but the bonding is surreal.


@TxGrowman you have a ball out there and shoot a toad! Good shooting with that “belly button gun” (because everybody has an -06 haha). But any of those shots will make a deer awful sick lol.

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I’m with you on winter. That was the ONLY time (next to deer season) of the year for me. I still have my downhill sled from my childhood, in as good a shape as when i was a kid ! Here in TX we do not see enough snow very often to use it but my sons got to use it several times as children and LOVED IT !

I feel like it is my first hunt again after more than 15 years since I hunted last. Can’t wait to spend time in the camp and talk about the hunt. So many memories to make . . .


I shared on another post but I believe that it really belongs here.

In Silent Wait For Autumn

Sun light through birch leaves
a thousand voices in the trees;
all they need
is a gentle breeze-
a light caress

A golden thread
made out of spider’s web
Lazy clouds in the sky
Slowly passing me by

Hidden in the shade
rests the fir-
and beneath
lies moss, berries and mushrooms

All in silent wait
for Autumn


It’s funny kinda, I have lived my entire life in the northeast. I grew up in “snow belt” country in Northern NY and 5 foot storms were common, expected and fun.
Somewhere along the way the “fun” went out of it and winter became a burden, a hazard, a dread and oh so long. I still got excited for big storms but I didn’t enjoy the clean up, the getting out in it, the wear and tear on vehicles etc.
When I met my current mate, her best friends beau was a sledder. He invited me up to his camp in the mountains to go riding. I didn’t want to go. I smoke weed every 2 hours all day long and this guy was a real square and I had already heard him rant on about one of the sons of his girlfriend bringing weed to his house and demanding it be removed from his house. Long/short I didn’t ever see us being friends but after pulling over a mile or so from the camp, toking down several bowls, I arrived with a smile.
The next year I bought my own sled, we are good friends, from mid Jan - early April we go to camp and ride 95% of the weekends and end our season with a 1000+ mile “bag trip” where we pack everything we need for the week on our sleds, take off from camp and return a week later, hopefully lol.
I no longer dread winter, I tease people all summer about winter coming and live and breath on the forecast starting in December (need that base). I grew up riding a sled around a cornfield (then fixing it for two days). Now,we never take the same trail twice, average 2300 miles a season and witness some of the most pristine and beautiful areas of Maine, see moose, deer,snowshoe hare, eagles, fox, coyotes and many many other sights too numerous to count. Truly I have been a lucky man.
Oh and btw, he’s cool about weed. I light up or vape at the kitchen table while he swills Canadian Mist like it’s going out of style. @TxGrowman