Thoughts about seed

I’m in about week 5-6 of flowering outdoors with feminized photos. A week ago, so week 4-5 I think, we had a bad storm. One plant got her main trunk split in two, and I lost another limb. I taped and wired the stalk and the buds still seem to be adding weight. I also lost a stem on another plant.

That stem was just hanging barely on, so I removed it and tossed it. But they are pretty triched up and smell good, so I retrieved the stem and thought it would give this new grower something to practice trimming, drying and curing. When I cut the dried buds off the stem for curing, I felt something that ended up being a seed. There was probably 10 small buds, but only one had the seed and it seemed quite developed, like the seeds I planted. I have gone over my 4 plants several times before, but have not seen a male sack or banana that this noob could see. Just went back over them for a 3-4th time and again didn’t see anything that looked like it would produce pollen. But I did find one more seed, a green softer seed.

Is there a way for me to tell, any signs on the plant, that would tell me she’s getting a good bit of pollen vs perhaps a few strays being blown in from a distant grow? I’m just curious to know, I doubt it’s anything I can stop at this point.


We have a guy with a hemp patch in his front yard five doors down. If I get seeds I only give them away to someone that wants practice seeds. Noticed his hemp is very stunted this year.


If you can’t find nanners anywhere there is good chance you’re just catching pollen from somewhere else. Sometimes nanners can be concealed within buds and hard to see though, so difficult to say for sure.


@Breezin I found this while reading.


Great. That’s the information I was looking for. Now I need to research how long it takes the pistil to turn color once exposed to pollen. Unless someone in here already knows? Right now 95% are still white, and a quick look didn’t reveal any that only changed at the tip. I don’t mind a couple seeds here and there, but hoping I don’t end up with my flowers full of them. Perhaps only time will tell.

From my research, it appears as though once pollen reaches the pistils, the change of color is fairly quick, within a day or two. I have very few pistils that are not white, so I’m thinking I’m picking up a stray pollen in the air here and there.

For those familiar with nanners, can there just be a few on a small portion of a plant, or if the plant has any do they infest the entire plant? My plants are so large, it’s impossible to closely inspect every branch. Thanks.

Agree, from what I have seen. my outdoor ladies have been had, by my banished stud boys.
They (the boys) have now been ended. Bag seeds will be on the Thanksgiving table.