This southern heat right now!

I live in the southeast and the heat is mid 90s with heat index over 105. Should I leave my plant outside? Ive had them inside some do to the heat but really dont have the right lights. Its still vegging. Thoughts?

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Temperature in the Nevada area at 106 had my in the greenhouse but temps where the same with 3 box fans. Add straw on the soil and mulch on top of that. Place them in the shade during hot afternoons. I have mine getting morning sunlight and late afternoon make sure they have water in the morning and but don’t over water. I use a water meter which tells me if the soil is wet or dry and a temperature gage to let me no hot hot

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Still getting hotter. I’d pick in or out, gonna be a lot of leg work going back and forth. If you pick out, I’d try in ground so your vessels don’t heat up and cook your roots


You can also try making a cheesecloth canopy to hang over it to block out some of the Sun but allow enough light through to be beneficial to the plant


I have both in 5 gallon buckets. Can’t put anything in ground in my yard :unamused:. I can provide them with sun and shade. How many hours a day of direct sun do they need without catching on fire with this sun?

That will depend on your environment and cultivar (strain type). Your plant will need 14 to 16 hours of daylight to stay in veg.

My clone or re-veging area only gets 3 hours direct sun, in the morning.
Not the oven or Sun bake area.
Amazingly They will grow.

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The heat plus the humidity is awful… id pick a spot that gets good morning sunlight and some noon sunlight but gets a little shady in the afternoons.

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I agree. She will never get used to heat if brought in and out. Photo so light timing going back and.forth not all that good. Pick 1 and stick with it.

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I have several plants outside with the same climate, it’s been 95 degrees, 95% RH, 77 deg dew point. It’s a mess. Heat index if 113 deg.

That said, the plants seem to be handling it pretty well (it’s my first outdoor grow).

I have them in a spot that receives full sun till around 1pm, then shade till 4-5pm, then sun again.

I do like the idea of wrapping the fabric pots with cheesecloth as suggested above, just ordered some. I shoulda, coulda, woulda bought light colored pots. Lessons learned for next summer.

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