Third Grow 6/14/2022

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What do you all do about little black bugs hatching from soil?

Mosquito bits sprinkled on the soil. Today I just tried giving a “bit tea” using a hint to start with 85 degree water. @MeEasy recipe. Seems like a soil soak will work better/faster than sprinkled bits

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This is the email from mosquito bits, I finally asked them . The warm water is my idea because I noticed that it wasn’t working good this past winter but warming the water fixed it. Just remember not to use hot tap water, because of the tank it’s to high in minerals, and you have to use it every few days for up to three weeks if you are really infested because it only kills the larva and it takes a minute to get them all when there’s a bunch

:point_down: copy paste from my notes :point_down:
Email from mosquito bits

To use the Mosquito Bits you simply use 4 tablespoons per gallon of water. Place the granules in a nylon stocking or something similar and let them soak for 30-60 minutes. Still or shake the water when applying and water as you would normally. Be sure not to over water and use with each normally scheduled watering

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Thanks for the tag Mr Beck :+1:

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Thanks for chiming in to share the recipe :blush:


Thank you. Bits ordered.

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Left out Red Hot Cookies.

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@dhester you have a very interesting soil mix, especially neat looking in Sky’s container. What is it? :thinking::grin:

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Tupur, Build a Soil 3.0 recipe and a mix. Each pot sign tells what soil is in the pot.

Forgot to @ you.

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3 days later

She-Hulk clipped and splayed.

24 Days

Day 24