Thinking about upgrading my light

You are the person to ask so I’m contemplating whether to get either Scorpion Diablos or Scorpion Rspecs. Honest opinion. Do you think the Diablo is that much better to reflect the price?

I will be replacing two 550 rspecs that will be used in another 4x8 for autos. Was going to just do a 4x4 but plan on using the 4x4 for seedlings and possibly clones once i gather the proper knowledge on them.

The Diablo or Rspec Scorpions will strictly be used for photo grows. I just want to know if the diablos are really worth the extra cost.

Anyone else feel free to chime in as well. I believe @CurrDogg420 uses the diablo so your input is most welcome.

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My big light is a ChilLED tech x6, at the time it was between them and HLG, I just happened to snag a better deal on the x6.

Looks like the difference between them is about 25% more output from the diablo. Might be more than you’d need, but my philosophy about tools (and other things) is that “too much is always enough”. :grin:


My bad bro! I’m high as fk and got my doggs/dawgs (@Flipdawg08) mixed up :rofl:.
I was looking at those lights too but everyone here seems to push the HLG lights and I see a lot of people using them.
Also, I see people using bigger lights for smaller tents. Like something rated for a 5x5 going in a 4x4.
I hear you on over doing it. That’s why they have dimmers :joy:.
Appreciate the info bro. I’m leaning towards the diablo but trying to convince myself that the price is justifiable lol


Have you seen others options that is rated higher than HLG , Geek Tech light , Plentiever light , Bava Green 800 watt light

Can all save you a few nickles for if not better results for half the investment . Im not agaunst HLG they cost what they cost for a reason , I just hoped they had blue light and Uv in the diablo or scorpion for that cost instead of another separate unit in my opinion woukd have sold many more panels than the market is doing i think.
If you going to spead a grand or better on lights , they should have uv and infrared built on them i think is worth the cost .

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I seen you post that somewhere else. I thought at first it was the geeklight monster board. Where would I inquire about one?

Cost relative to what you value. Scorpion r-spec plenty big enough to do awesome job in 4x4. If you want or need a bigger light or want to run more efficiently then the Scorpion Diablo is way to go. Chilled tech not as popular because they are usually more expensive, but they are are lights.

Some of the Chinese lights mentioned seem like a pretty good value, but i would be cautious buying them.


When you say “bigger”, do you mean output or actual size?

Google that thing man you have to watch youtube so you can keep up . Its plenty of solid design built panels out that can really put out 2.9 to 3.3 umols/j and its not HLG and they have uv built in the panel to add even more densiry and frost in your buds . Infraed is sick all by itself thats from HPS which is not being converted into led panels now light the old style individual diodes with degreed angle lens for intensity and now the leds are much smaller , more intense with out lens which HLG broke through the industry with that technology and they made a loud statement . They lights are the Lexus of the game now , but its a few gems comnercial grade boards that not as expensive as HLG but they do put out more . I watch the mygrolight dude on youtube , he always testing the newest design lights and gives great reviews on a variety of expensive , affordable and cheap but yet effiecient lights that will still grow huge buds for the average grower that dont have a lot of capitol to spend and still grow high quality product . Optic 650S slim dimmeable is a beast of a light i thibk still , the Plentiever light is a commercial build of its market build , which they cost what they cost cause they will dwfinitely do the job . Let me find a youtube link for buddy so you can start following him to get up on the info so you can get more detailed information on each light design and par reading .

This is how i get most of my light information from , just cause i dont like burdens others to much plus its the biggest investment if you want bud weight , you need big power .

@The_Chef honestly bro in my opinion i would say that if your gonna spend that kinda money just spend the extra few hundred bucks and get the diablo. Both the diablo and scorpion rspec are both great lights but you definitely get better diffusion, more LEDs per board better efficiency and more PPFF with the diablo . I bought mine when i was able to get it for about $1300 shipped so it wasn’t as hard of a call for me but look at it like this.

Scorpion diablo: flowering footprint: 5x5 at 18 inches
Veg footprint : 6x6 at 24 inches
Efficiency: 3.2 umol/joule
PPFD: 2130
Total LEDs: 3,996

Scorpion rspec: flowering footprint: same as above
Veg footprint: same as above
Efficiency: 2.62 umol/joule
PPFD: 1584
Wattage: 160-600
Total LEDs: 1,728

So in my opinion you get WAYYY more bang for your buck with the diablo(even with the higher price tag now). And if you go that route you can always light a bigger area if ever needed. Always better to have a bigger light than you need powered down a little than have a smaller one and having to run it at full blast all the time i say. Just go for it hahaha, you definitely wont be upset about it once you get to see what its capable of first hand.

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And i also run my diablo full blast in a 4x4 with an HLG50 high cri supplement bar, 2 of hlg uv bars and a fgi far red bar and hlg flowering initiator bulb for the emerson effect so i can do my 13/11 light cycle and also have a couple 50watt bars under the canopy/plants for light from all angles lol its like a space of light sent down from the gods themselves to grow insanely awesome buds hahaha

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:rofl: I knew you would say that.

The way you broke it down I can see the difference now. I’m still new and plan on doing this for a long time(forever) so I don’t know all the specs stuff. Just the led count is a pretty significant difference. That was simple to conclude. I know nothing about moles other than the family of them that live out in my mulch beds :joy:


@The_Chef lolololol but im glad that helped , even without knowing exactly what those measurements are you can still tell the significant difference by how much higher all numbers are in the diablo and thats the exact reason i ended up going for it as well, just because i don’t plan on stopping growing anytime soon so may as well get something i know is going to hold up. And also did i mention the diablo comes with a 5 year warranty!

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I do remember seeing that blue light bar attached to your diablo. I parted with another pair of obscure vintage audio tubes(another hobby) to fund these lights. I suppose I’ll just get the diablos and when I can muster up the courage to sell another pair I can get all the bells and whistles lol.

It took me a month to decide to sell those tubes. :joy:

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What tubes , Sundowns ?

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Western Electric 300b

@The_Chef with what you will be able to pull off with the diablo, it will pay for itself 3 times over after your first grow with it . So youll be able to buy those tubes back or better ones oneday soon haha and all the bells and whistles of corse ! Haha

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I’d like to believe that lol. Google Western Electric 300b

I don’t even have the amp anymore that uses them. I planned on leaving them to my kids. Acquired them and 4 other pair over the last 20 years. Lol.

One other question. Will it be ok mid grow to swap out my 550 rspecs for the diablos?

In the pic looking straight up at the light i didnt have my fgi far red bar mounted on it yet but in the other one you can see where its mounted on the left side


I mean look how bright it is, it practically washes out the picture here haha


This might help ?

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