They just set a new delivery Record!

These people are outta control, 7, yes Seven days to N.Y., I just received 3 separate orders all within 15 days,
Got all 23 beans intact, Wow, just Wow !!!


We are so glad that your order is home. :slight_smile:


Thanks again I think that was 8 days to NY, I got 7 out o f 9 sprouting already!!

Hope you show us your results. Happy growing! :slight_smile:

I"ll be cataloging the entire grow, we"re in week one as of yet

I’m on day 13 in Georgia and still have nothing. I’m getting more than a bit concerned.

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I know the waiting sucks bad, my first order was two weeks my second was faster, I split up three orders of 23 beans just in case , one 3 and two tens, the whole thing took a month,but I wasn’t counting Sundays, my last order Was 9 days but like I said no Sundays ,so 8 days. Don’t worry It"ll happen, They Will make it happen. Remember you"ve got 20 days max wait.

And you’re the good luck charm! My seeds just arrived. :slight_smile:

Now let me rub you on the head before I start this grow.

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That’s Awsome @TacoMac, now you just do what I do and ask everyone what to do with them when you get em. LOL
Now about good luck charm thing, well maybe, Tell us what you got going I"ll follow your grow, mine is - upstate NY indoor start,outdoor Auto grow, just got em going about 17 days now.

have fun <*)))><{

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7 days from order to mailbox in Massachusetts. That is what I call wonderful customer service. I can’t wait to finish my current grow and get these going! Thank you ilgm!


I got the email saying my beans “would be in the air soon” on Sunday. Tick tock…