They finally came back after 2 days

They were dry in my last post but heres the comparison


Will also be switching my AC Infinity T4 for the T6 and moving the T4 to the intake hole at the bottom for active intake, hopefully the temps will drop even more. Will update this post tonight (is there a way to make 1 post on here, and continually update it throughout a grow)


Wow nice to see them shining again! What was the main problem watering, fans and RH?

Underwatered. Still getting used to watering the right amount.

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No after about a minute you can’t edit posts. So just add new ones to the bottom of your journal.

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How do I do that?

I’m new here but just have a question about starting. I have always just planted them and had success but heard it’s better to soak them. My question is in distilled water with light bloom solution. Why the bloom solution and not a rooting solution or a grow solution?Is PH’d tapwater ok or best to use distilled? I’m doing hydro so Rockwool or rapid rooter? Thanks

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The difference between these fans are dramatic. I was disappointed when I got my 4” so it’s always been my intake fan. I almost went with the 8” for the exhaust but glad I didn’t. The 6” was more than enough.


Heck yea thats good to hear because I almost did that too. My question is my T4 is set to come on at 77 degrees so when I hook this other fan to it will the T6 adjust to the speed of the T4 or vice versa?

Maybe I’m misunderstanding the question but you can’t run a 4 and 6 on the same controller

Why not theres an option to daisy-chain them.

Two of the same size fans

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Assuming the difference in power draw is why. But no worries Ill just make the settings the same and hook the T6 into the master controller and leave the T4 independent.

Let me know if it works for you. I figured they were the same controller but seems they’re different. I tried that but it wouldn’t control my 6”.

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Product info from manufacturer states you definitely can. Anyway, just ran a test and they both function.

You must have EC motors. Mine are DC

@Bobbydigital took about two hours to get everything switched around. Yea mine are EC. Tent is fully closed and is hovering @ 80 degrees currently.

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Do you have the temp sensor just below the canopy height? Like an inch or so? If you have it between the light and the plant that is not ideal.
Plants look great!

I just lowered it to canopy height after putting in trellis net.

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Good stuff! Have fun!

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What are you growing ATM?