These plants don’t look right to me!?

First time grower here! Any help will be need. I don’t think it’s to big of a deal but thought I would ask what y’all thought. 12 days in! Ok, so growing outdoor in soil! perlite, vermiculite, small amount of work castings (probably 5%), peat moss, and compost. Ph balanced between 6.5-6.8 haven’t added nuts yet! 2 out of the 5 seem to be bubbling and a couple ends have shriveled up. the last picture is one of the healthy plants


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They look just fine. A lot of young plants start out looking weird but they grow out of it.


I just was looking around at the plants and looked underneath and found about 6 aphids under one of them the rest are fine. The plants were sitting next to my peas I plantEd so I took them off and moved the plants to a different location! And thank you I was getting a little worried I messed up already.

I’m with him: :point_up:

Go easy on water, and shade is better now than full sun.


Ok so today was 75 all day, full sun. No clouds. A little shade would be good for them? Thank you.

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Dappled shade under trees is great. Once they get a few nodes on them they can tolerate more sun.


If you have aphids get ladybugs to eat them

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I’m going to the store tomorrow to get some! Thank you!

I thought they look pretty darn good for outdoor seedlings.

There is a household solution that can be fairly effective on aphids, but I don’t remember what it is. Diluted white vinegar maybe? Look around on the web. I’m may be wrong about the vinegar, but I’m confident I have seen something like that more than once.


Pretty sure vinegar will KILL your plants but idk

How so? Maybe if watered in at high enough concentration for long enough. Diluted foliar application isn’t going to kill plants. I would just follow same guidelines as foliar feeding.

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Vinegar and dish soap solutions are used to kill weeds etc. (Some ppl will add Epsom salt, thinking it will work like table salt, not realizing it will fertilize their weeds) If you mix just a little dish soap in some water, this is effective against aphids. Soap is an insecticide and works well for killing soft-bodied insects on contact. I would advise against the lady bugs, unless you are collecting them from your region. Introducing non-native species to your garden can cause complications.

Just used ladybugs in my greenhouse. Worked like a bloody charm bud. But they couldn’t just fly away so that helped a lot

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@Slatter21 just chill out and see what they look like in a few weeks. If it is aphids or some other critter you can see, just grab them and kill them when you see them. Your plants are small right now so it wouldnt be hard to inspect 100% of the foliage. Maybe make a ring around the plants with rocks or wood to keep crawling pests out.

Vinegar at any amount kills microbes that the plant needs I thought. I understand it will KILL aphids and that in itself disrupts the food web in the soil, but it may also kill other life forms causing more problems in the long term than solving any

@Slatter21 think yo plants are fine bro

Then you missed my point. I didnt mean complications in the garden. I meant for native species. By introducing non-native species of insects, you’re also introducing non-native diseases etc that the native species don’t have immunities to. @Shyguy420

It’s not an issue for your garden, but it is for the ecosystem and the organisms dwelling within it.

I did not use vinegar and they are all gone! Thank you everyone for the ideas the lady bugs worked great! And where I live they are native here so no worries

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