These Ones or a Sodium Light?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“Is it possible to use Supmovo LED Grow Light, 600W LED Grow Light Kits, Full Spectrum Grow Light with UV IR for Hydroponic Plant Veg Flower and Indoor plant? I have one that I use for other plants. If not I will purchase a sodium light. I am looking to purchase the Medical Marijuana kit. Would that be okay for a beginner?”

Look at the fine print. Everybody who sells LEDs quotes some equivalent nonsense for the power. (Equivalent to what. I don’t know.) Their “600 watt” LED says right in the Amazon ad that it draws 110-120 watts. So it is a 110-120 watt LED. Watts don’t just appear out of nowhere!

You need 35-50 real watts per square foot to take plants to flower. This LED would light about 3 square feet of growing area. Most strains need about 2 square feet at a minimum. You could make a very small grow chamber with reflective walls (flat white paint is fine) and grow one plant with this LED. Or buy more of them and scale it up.