These leaves are curling like pubic hair

Hi, group. I know this is the 5000th question about nute burn, so I’m sorry for that, but is this nute burn or a deficiency? Thx for helping a beginner!

Ilgm gold leaf in happy frog, no added nutrients. Sprouted 18 days ago.

Likely they made contact with the soil at some point. I’ve had some do that as well when I transplanted them too low to the soil.

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That’s entirely possible. They may have been touching the soil at one point. The other four plants look normal. I do also realize that every plant is a different individual. I guess I’ll just watch, wait, and see what it does.

Trim them off they will be fine. Plant looks good. Its just from the transplant, thos single leaves always fall off anyway. Just watch in the future about them touching your grow medium.

Also, thanks for replying.

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Cool. Will do. Thank you!