The Virgin Marajuana

Can a male plant pollinate a female plant plant that is still in Veg?

No. Pollination cannot take place until there are female flowers to pollinate.

Well that isn’t entirely true. Pre-flowers on a female plant in veg can be pollinated, but that should result in only a few seeds and not necessarily on any of the well developed flowers later, assuming no more pollen is around.

Thanks Guys. Good to be back. Popped out my hip replacement setting up the germination chamber for Roberts Gold Leaf. After a week in the hospital I was only able to salvage one sprout. the now plant, is doing extremely well and is getting ready to become a Mother. Hip is doing well. no scalpel required.

my last and only second harvest netted my legal limit of 10 ounces. superb White Widow of Roberts.

my .03 cent worth. All are tight; Sort of. If pollen is released into a\environment before plant has flowers; Pollen can still remain on the plant and under airy conditions will pollinate the plant when it does flower.

Sorry about your hip.