The trunk is already too big for my LST clips

There’s only one set of true leaves and I topped the second set. Godfather OG.

I can’t wait to see the flowers on this plant.


The LST clips are predominantly used on upper main and side branches to allow the lower growth to reach the same height as the uppers for an even canopy :love_you_gesture:


I know, but when I said that, you immediately knew how big the trunk was, right?

What did you do or plan to do with this plant as far as training? I’m confused.

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I suggest tempering the desire to train. It’s too early to top or use clips. Clips are generally used on secondary branches to manage height and/or shape or level the plant’s canopy. Topping is usually done after the 4th real node.


This is the best plant I have and I topped at the second true set of leaves. The trunk is getting a bit large, but that could be a good problem to have.

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It seems very easy to confuse people here when you do things that are out of the norm. I plan on doing normal training. That statement simply implied that the trunk was that large. Who doesn’t know exactly how big an LST clip is.

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