The start of something

The start of something but what?
Someone very close to me has three little girls (hopefully). On november 20th,2020 seeds were placed into a jar of water and put into the closet. Eighteen hours later, my relative placed two seeds in two 3 gal pots. The pots contained FFOF soil with about half a handful of coco coir mixed in (is this good or not?)/ one sprouted overnight and one just didn’t sprout. After over a week in the closet of the second pot not sprouting, he decides to try again. Instantly, the Lemon Diesel sprouted after being placed in just the FFOF. The relative humidity in his space is 47% and 78 degrees fahrenheit. The first pot to sprout has been watered 1 time with ph balanced water and humboldts secret start up kit./He used less than half of the suggested dose of nutrients for each product but eliminated the “flower stacker” product from the first feed. Both plants seem to be happy and healthy. Will he be able to get them both on the same watering schedule? Here comes the problem(s)? Maybe… we’re not sure.

Lets call my relative with the plants Jack and now we have his friend with the clone.
Jacks friend decided to give jack a clone from one of his friends(Jacks friends, friend) of some “Blueberry”. Jack was excited but when his friend decided to drop the clone off, it seemed in terrible shape… Jack and I were looking at the clone and the clone has about one or two wilted leaves… crispy… and one has a some yellow at the time, may be older growth. Jack and I, we’re not sure. Jack thought this was heat stress and the plant was stressed in the solo cup under the light so close in the machine. Nobody told Jack when the plant was last watered or if it was and if they used nutrients or what soil.
Jack immediately transplanted Mr. Blueberry into a 3 galon with FFOF , Coco Coir, and two tablespoons of earthworm castings. Casting mixed about 2inches below the surface two inches away from the clone in it’s new pot. Jack leaves it with the others under their light schedule. 18/6. Jacked woke up and thought, sh*t what if that’s nutrient burn? He asked me to post on ILGM and get feed back. Decided Jack, needs a grow journal. (Pictures will be uploaded shortly)

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Pot 1:


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Have Jack examine that clone closely for signs of spider mites. Spotted leaves is a symptom and he doesn’t want a free clone to introduce mites into his growing space. He needs to look at the bottom of the leaves under magnification to see the nasty things.

Sounds like a cross contamination nightmare hope yall be bug free thats how they easily slread… My birthday is nov 20 so i gotta watch goood luck👍

Could Jack take these leaves off?

He could, but if they are on some of the leaves they are probably on all the leaves. Have Jake take a close look, he can see them with the naked eye if he has good eye site and has no magnification available. He needs to look for tiny specks that move.

If he has mites there are many possible solutions at this stage of growth since he won’t have to worry about contaminating any flowers.

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Looks like thrip or mite damage

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Jack ended up taking the plant out of the garden as it was too many issues for him as a beginner. His seeds from Grows Choice came in Sour Kush autoflowers and he will be planting them in the next day or two.

Good plan, the seedling will be ready at about the same time anyway.

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Exactly. I just placed the SKA in a cup of poland spring room temp water and not even 17 hours later, went to check it and it had popped in the cup of water. Just planted her today at 11:45am

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I thought we were talking about Jack’s seeds. :sweat_smile:

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My license just came in today :sweat_smile: Didn’t want to say it was I, until it was all legal!

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