The Return of a learning Rookie

My labor has been intense and multiplied a few times over, once I got my medicine in a few of the right hands, nose and lungs.
It’s been a mad dash to re-construct one my smaller labs into 132,000 sq ft building and including outdoor property for seasonal cultivating.
To that guy or girl, I started right here with a 2x2x5 tent and had no clue on how to even grow a tomatoes :tomato:. 8 years and I went from growing one plant, to growing 4-5 thousand pounds a year is still unbelievable some days. Now my last push is to get my strain on the big market, Yoshi Calmag Cowboy Albino buds!


Show some pics brother

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I’ll try to keep up, if I can find time, I’ll write my living soil journal on another organic method I’ve develop in my endeavors going along here, but regardless the method of madness or style of growing one uses, it’s numerous ways now to harvest decent medicinal cannabis. This should be a fun write, cause in this thread I only add in stages, what the soil needs to improve so the plant can thrive, instead of feeding the plant :four_leaf_clover:, I feed the lil micro critters in the soil and fatten them up for the eipen season, yes pretty amazing how simple you can get results if you learn the plant stages of growth .