The Recovery Room

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Recovery stage 1.
String Bean is now in week 1 of recovery. I will be watching her very closely. Because lights are kicking (2k+) I will be again raising to widen footprints in the :tent:. 4x8x8.reconnecting all equipment minus filter. I’m hoping this thing will maintain moderate humidity without drastic coming soon. So I’ve grown from gorilla grower to intermediate. Hopefully next jump will be pro handling 3-4 strains in continuing perpetual cycle. My line ups are GL, (seed hibernating) GSCx, (sprout) BD (cloneA) “Frick”
BD (cloneB) “Frack”. I Plan to veg. These plants for 2 months solid. I am also going to germ a LA CON. Because I am heading into new year I am going to mix it up a bit and go gorilla with one of the clones just to see. Right now things are😱 but I’m😎


So I will not have any pics for a few days. The reason is location of such a massive tent. It will also take me a few days to get everything relocated as of I am traveling between multi locations. “Frankenstein will remain in his area as a veg. Machine. I am quite pleased that he churns out 3+’ fems in 2 months. All develop into thick very strong plants. Temps at Frank location are prime. The recovery room is not quite ready for full 1 day run . I am waiting on a fan!

Everybody welcome “The Recovery Room” to my garden.
Again unnamed I am taking suggestions. This is a MARS brand 4x8x8 grow tent. She has 2 front doors 4 peep windows 3-8” vent zones, 3-4" vent zones plus a very unnecessary floor cover however for the price I am happy. This thing can handle 4 nice plants @6’ easy. I will be doing 3-4 only with an office. :yum:.
Yes this is ghosting. Unfortunately my location in not one of the lands of love and peace. So even though I’m NORML I’m not so normal.

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This is String Bean in Recovery.
She is huge and showing good strong colas forming even though I burned this b#&%h like a loose chick doing porno. Just pitiful! I hope she can recover because if she does she will go up for bud of the month on basics. GH, RO water, light. Buds are looking very sexy. Can’t wait until Mar.
like an independent voter she felt the Burn!
more pics to make y’all feel sorry for
Here are the clone sisters, Frick&Crack. They are accompanied by a GSCx unnamed.temps outside closet a little colder but they are hanging in there.
Inside closet temp.
And finally one parting shot until next weekend. What you think?

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So here is this week’s update!
String Bean is doing phenomenally well!!!:person_gesturing_ok::person_gesturing_ok::person_gesturing_ok::person_gesturing_ok:

As you can see she is thoroughly enjoying her new recovery room. She finished her stretch at 30". Not bad because I believe I stunted the stretch when I nutrient burned her. I could have gotten the other six inches if I wasn’t so careless. Anyway thanks to ilgm genetics her buds are at the six inch mark so I can’t complain. I’m just waiting on her buds to fatten up. BEWARE:
Bud Of the Month BOM. BOOM!:muscle::fist::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:!!!

Temps & humidity

Back in shape. I did a little defoliage to give underlying new branching better light. Light distance is 24" @ 2360w. PAR is unknown. Gave bio bud and bio root. No CalMag. Water pH 6.3. she looks fabulously frostly the bud development is currently 3"x7" for at least 6 colas. The rest are at 2" in various forms. The undergrowth has started as a smaller centerpiece type bush expanding from the 1.25" stalk. She is a lovely little bush. The GSCx has taken off due to change over to warmer environmental settings, keep in mind they have been under continuous slow growth in flower on December 30th. temps of 63°-67°`45-46% humidity.
Now she is in the 73-77° range with 40% down to 37%. This is to make her stretch quickly. She is now in her permanent home. Base is coconut Hull 1.5" under 1/3 perlite & MG Light. Resting in water reserve with an adjustment level of 1". No oxygen yet because she is being exposed to sunlight. This is the same treatment as the clone twins except they are not in permanent homes. They are in 1 gal shrub starter pots. I also picked up some 3" starter smarts for herbs and vegetables like kale cabbage lettuce califlower, hitting off scents with dill tyme basil and oregano. This is how I’m going to break in the new grow room. Of course the listed price can will be distributed as of produce throughout my property. Spring is just around the corner.
Here’s another shot of Bean with the ultraviolet hue the camera angle caught.
She cleaned up nicely!
Anyway I’m extremely happy and well into continuing the perpetual process. Keep up with my journal and watch these remarkable strains become reality from seed. LETS GROW TOGETHER! ONE LIVE LOVE ONE LIFE LETS GET TOGETHER AND FEEL ALRIGHT! THANKS GUYS YOU ALL MEAN THE WORLD TO ME!


Plant size has total circumference of about 3’x 4.8’ total of 12’ at 30" tall. I predict a possible dried weight of at least 10oz. But I may be wrong. The buds are thickening up bud I will let you know about the weight and solid feel test. Right now somewhat hard heavy resin packed buds only 1 month in flower.

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Ah shucks @Viktor7 you’re too nice. I don’t know much, just enough to be dangerous!
Your girls turned out great!

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I’m hoping one of these girls put on some heavy makeup for the BOM. trying to get into the big show. Thanks really if it wasn’t for this site I’d be lost. Mother nature does her thing I never had the nerve to try to control environment myself, but I can definitely see the difference as far as size but finishing schedule is much faster. I intend to continue slow growth because 5 months seems to be more of an adequate match for excellent results.


IMO 200+ watts at 24 inches is way too close. But that’s me, my 600w mars hydro is 36 - 40 inches away. I’d think you could move to 6-8 feet away and get a more consistent foot print and not burn your plants. I see a lot of signs of light stress. But again just my opinion :four_leaf_clover::crossed_fingers::v:

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Thanks wish I might take it to that top that will give me 4 ft between canopy.

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As continued from article “I believe ILGM”
This is “Frick” BD- intial liing to clone

This is “Frack” - BD -Accidental break cola
They are being reverted back to veg. stage and appear to be doing nicely.

This is my ILGM GSCx sprout looking amazing. AKA “Fan Belt”
I’m try to trick these plants into 4 feet before I drop into flower.
I also have a L.A. Confidential that popped yesterday and in paper towel /mycorizza
I will be potting her today. Very healthy lil sprout. I’m naming her “Brat”
So line up is
“String Bean”- mother, :older_woman:Blue Dream. 36" height.
“Frick”- clone, :girl:Blue Dream 4" height
“Frack”- clone,:girl: Blue Dream 6" height
" Fan Belt"- sprout, :baby:stage 1, 4" height
“Brat”- germ. Potted, :baby:stage 1, .25" depth.
I hope I can achieve 5 moderately tall 36"-40" fully veg. Plants by May 6th.
Then it’s off to the Harvest Races!:horse_racing::horse_racing: Whom will do what in Flower and how crooked will the road to victory will become​:biking_man::biking_man: Excited and happy intermediate grower!:person_raising_hand::person_raising_hand::person_raising_hand::person_gesturing_ok::person_gesturing_ok::person_gesturing_ok::grin::muscle::+1::clap::clap::clap::clap:

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sorry guys didn’t load up “Frack” earlier.


Also, I need to point out that I use only the 4 LED Flood lights during vegetation for the next series which will be the Mother plush the list other four plants. I believe from my first grow experiment that the floods provide enough light to allow multiple plants to quickly hit 4’ height within 2 months further making the bill cheaper and getting production time back on schedule.

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I see what you’ve got there. At 6’ light height you’re 24” above the canopy on flowering plants? That’s not unreasonable for that style of lighting.

As far as using the floods for veg, that’s fine. But you’re targeting taller plants, so when they stretch that gets you the height you’re looking for. In most cases, people don’t have room for plants that talll indoors. So they have to use the control of increased light intensity and limit production of red wavelengths to keep plants smaller. If you have the room, there’s nothing wrong with it.

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So here is this week’s update

Fan belt
All plants have slowed growing which is fine with me. I pulled them out of the tent and have exposed them to sunlight in windows. Cooler temps have slowed the growth. Temps around 68° very dry, little humidity 32%. The reasoning behind this is to give String Bean time to finish. She still shows clear to somewhat cloudy trichs. No Amber yet. Smells divine and oddly only stinks to high heaven when I open the tent. I will give another update before I harvest String Bean. Good luck all and remember let’s grow together.

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A brief description of each plant.
Frack- blue dream clone
Frick- blue dream clone
Fan belt- Girl Scout Cookie Extreme
Brat- LA Confidential
All ILGM Strains!!!

How long does it take for clones to come out of flower stage and go back into veg.-


Only a week or two, crank up the light hours, I’d go 20hrs on 4off until she reveges comfortably. :wink:

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Do what do you guys think???
“String Bean” the Blue Dream shots coming 2night. I’m debating on stem split, be a week or 2 left. I should be harvesting on my birthday​:person_raising_hand::ok_hand::muscle::+1::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:yaaay!!!
Then on to a 2-3 week curing process. I am disappointed that she didn’t put out more due to grower error, but a March "Bud of the month(BOM) will be in line as a contender. Stay tuned for some wicked bud porn.

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I can’t wait to put the other four in the tent on 16/8 at phenomenal temps and humidity. I will be taking a lot of furniture out that you see in there