The reaper has come

Ok finished harvesting and now started to feminized seed experiment with colloidal silver at 50ppm!(upload://fTIZ9OwzK9GvNNQi7iIAW2EvLKJ.jpeg)

You are trying to get pollen from a plant that you’ve harvested from? I thought that you were supposed to start applying the CS as soon as, if not before, you flipped to 12/12. Or are you applying the CS to a vegging plant that you’ll then cross with that very ripe post-harvest plant for seeds? :thinking:

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Yes they are all harvested and still on the 12hr light schedule. You can also get seed by just letting your plant go. So i thought why can’t i speed it up by using colloidal silver and cross the white widow and critical mass. Rodoziation i think is the name for letting it go to seed. Last time I tried this was 2002 didn’t work but have way better colloidal silver now and besides I got 6 seedling and they are not ready for the big tent so experiment time :laughing::laughing:

Ah right. I forgot about just letting them go. Good luck with this! I put some Maui Wowie in my cart tonight since the seeds went on sale at ILGM (10+10 for $99), and I think I’ll try crossing one of those with a WW next spring, perhaps. Cheers.

Maui wowwee grows great with pig poop and the terpins are unbelievable when you do that tag me if you make a journal
I’m thinking of starting one for the 6 seedling
They are sugar black rose, acupaco gold, gorilla zkittlez, critical bilbo, blue dreams. Purple glam kush, and jack herer i forgot about him

That will be quite the variety pack! I will definitely tag you when I get around to that Maui Wowie. I suspect that it will be a different grow experience than the WW I’m growing now, which is my first grow.

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My ww got really really dense with the ushio and argosun red hps bulb i know i put up wet weight figures but i was really surprised at how heavy they were my next flower im going to us 2 argosun red hps and hope i can pull some more weight

If I were you , I would put those plants back on a 18/6 veg schedule until they revert back to veg and then throw them back into flower and spray with the silver in the first 3 weeks of flower…
The time that it takes to make flowers is the same amount of time that it takes to make seeds… at this point you have missed your window unless you do what I’m telling you… :wink:
@WonkaMan is correct in what he was saying… :wink:


Yes i know that but they also seed themselves by letting them go and yes you do have a chance of hermaphrodite. That’s why I said that this will be a experiment if it works great if not oh well but the colloidal silver will make them stress faster so i just sprayed 2 plants and want to see what happens. I know a couple growers who only believe in rodoziation for their seeds so why can’t i try and see if i can make a cross right.

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The problem is that they need time to make seeds… that’s approximately 8 to 12 weeks for good viable seeds… a flowering cycle…
I always get a seed or 2 because I let my plants flower for 10 to 14 weeks because I like to forget my name and where I’m at when I smoke it… but that’s just me… but my point is that it took 10 to 14 weeks of flowering to get good viable seeds… your at the end of flower when the plants should have already produced your seeds… :wink:
You need to start back in veg… this late in the game and your seeds will never have the time to mature … just like buds… they need time… :wink:
I want you to be successful @ThcinKC , that’s why I’m jumping into your thread… :wink:


@peachfuzz its cool I am just trying something out i have watched people get good seeds by just letting them over ripen and stress and seed themselves. I’m just trying to experiment here and play around and see what happens. I have alot of good seeds already. I get what you’re saying by going on vacation and never leaving the house lol this is all about testing a theory. Like 2 years ago i grafting a pot plant to a hops plant and got some weird beer just trying something out is all. :hugs:🖒🖒🖒

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ok i just got everything in my tent cleaned out and took down the rest of what was in there for my little experiment. Did it work yes and no. yes i got some pollen did get to cross anything no but they did go to seed will the seeds be any good i dont know but hell if i get 2 or 3 i will be happy with that

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Update time on the harvest my dried weight is 751.5 grams or 26.8 oz my critical mass was in a portable sog and they brought in 417.9 grams at 3 plants that is a average of 139.3 grams per plant the white widow was just on sticks for support and 3 plants brought in 333.6 grams average of 111.2 just shy of a QP. Not bad but could be better i am really going to push it this next grow here are some pictures hope you guys enjoy.

@Stoneythetiger420 @peachfuzz @WonkaMan @Drinkslinger @dbrn32 @Seeddog![20180908_160923|375x500] (upload://tcoPZzA70xGikdUUTQ8MsyYrEBE.jpeg)



That’s awesome brother! Nice looking buds at that. If you need any help smoking it… Lmao

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Would definitely have a smoke out

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Hell yeah. Unfortunately, I haven’t grown a large enough crop to sustain my smoking habit yet. But I have plans in mind for a perpetual garden. Check out my journal,

I have a few clones rolling from her and I think I’m gonna try keeping plants going in at four week intervals and using the scrog I have set up to make lst easier. Maybe slide it down and sit the plants on top, and tying where ever to the screen

Im thinking of doing a grow journal i got 6 different strains going right now im watching your grow journal now

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That’s. a really nice haul!

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@ThcinKC That’s nice brother . Good thing you had that bowl trimmer .

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