The most efficient way to get plants to show sex from regular seeds?

I am in Seattle, USA. I like to grow outside during the summer and then take the late fall, winter and early spring off. I don’t want to do a perpetual grow anymore. I have two rooms and a closet for growing plus all the gear. $1000+. After growing successfully for the past eight years I want to relax some. I guess this is where feminized seeds really come into their own. The problem is all the West coast seed suppliers that I trust only have regular seed and not feminized. I am not interested in running up a two hundred dollar power bill and using a three month period to do so. I am definitely getting some gold leaf fems but I like to support local efforts also. Are there any tricks to speeding up the process?
My technique is this.
Label, germinate, grow to about twenty inches for maturity and cloning stock, take double the amount of clones needed (at least), then flower the mature plants to sex and throw out the male plants and male clones. My outdoor growing starts in Early June.

Any comments will be greatly appreciated


cut a clone from bottom limbs early 4-6" put it directly into flower, don’t root it cut place in ph’d rock wool throw directly into 12/12. A cutting doesn’t need roots to flower and will show sex before it dies usually this is a very common trick just keep in mind a big cutting works best


Thanks so much for your reply. Me and my growing friends are learning what an asset your site is and how fun it can be to be in a growing community.
Your work is very very valued.
Thank you