The luckelberry#54

Has anyone grown this strain,a good friend of mine got some at the medical dispensary and wow let me tell you.I’ve been suffering chronic knee pain and insomnia for the past20 or so years and this stuff made me forget I even had legs.It’s a cross of Louis the xiii and huckleberry kush 70% indica and30% sativa cannot seem to find seeds any where also the prescription bottle stated 29.73 percent thc wtf


Sorry number 59

Havent had it but would love to try it!

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Several places have it - you’re just spelling it wrong, getting your “e” and your “l” reversed. Try searching for:

Hmm… actually it looks like all the links are pointing to places selling bud or various types of processed bud. I’ll let you know if I come across any seed for sale.

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Also got the number wrong it’s59

I just had to comment on this one! LOL

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