The leaves are yellow and sucking back

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

The leaves are yellow and sucking back…I transplanted it in early June and it has been planted in a bed of potting soil…I fertilize with miracle grow…I live in Poway CA and water every other day and it has not flowered yet.
Please tell me what I need to do? see attached.
Thank You


Join the forum but your girl looks about ready to (the buds are the flowers) harvest in week or 2, it is normal for the plant to cannibalize the big fan leaves. Looks good to me.

I also wouldn’t recommend using Miracle Grow unless you plan on flushing straight water last 2 weeks before harvesting. Next go round I recommend using an organic fertilizer. What kind of soil did you use, I used MG my first grow and my girls looked about the same size as yours, I switched to organic this grow and the girls love it.


You should absolutely join us but it looks like a auto that did flower and the bud is pulling the Energie from the leaves that’s normal we need a lot more information on how old it is and what it is @Countryboyjvd1971 thoughts :thought_balloon:

Agree looks like it was a auto
looks like it has some nutrient burn too probably from the nutrients
And yes it is flowering
the buds are
The cannabis flower fyi
Definitely join us before you start another grow :wink:

I would go to guides where there is a lot of info. I am knew to this and I was directed to go there and it was very helpful for me. Everyone on this site is loaded with info and all you have to do is ask.