The "Learn from My Mistakes" Thread

@GrnyGrows “Stalker Basic,” a slick sleeve stalker :rofl: We used to joke guys with no rank look like homeless guys or fake preachers :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Ahhh the familiar barking I know so well…"Boy, did you steal your daddys suit?! :sweat_smile:
Trust me. When I found out A1C was a class of cholesterol, I was so mad. Airman 1st Class you mean :crazy_face:

I guess all those days looking through the ballet studio glass windows in college paid off… :roll_eyes: :smiling_imp:
Calm down. The studio was right next to the dojo and upstairs from the basketball courts. Just …passing …through…slowly. :crazy_face:
Smoke em if ya gotta em-

SL out.