The grow journal of blu widow kohser kush the babys frm my 1st grow

Hey guy how are you all so im in the start of my 4th week and my baby are looking good one was stuck to the stem i have moved apart but leave mite not come out rite we will see wat happens or is there some thing i can do or jst see @Covertgrower @bob31


@Shuggz are you talking about the seed shell?

No mate the set of foiler that come out the main stem remember my babys have past that part im at the start of the 4week @Covertgrower

Just give it time @Shuggz

Ya i do think so well here is a photo also wat u fink of this tool it tell u how much lite wat da moister is all so the ph this is all for soil i use it jst for the moister in soil and how much lite hits the bottom wn the plant get bigger so i kind of knw if to cut foiler off the ph side of things is no good cause it tell me my ph is in the 8’s wen i knw i got it at 6.8 b4 i feed my baby’s @Covertgrower @bob31

@Shuggz those are notorious for being inaccurate.

Just pH your water in and then check your runoff and measure that too. Your plants look healthy to me


I second what @bob31 stated.

Thanks i knw that why i jst check the moister wid it and get a little idea on how wet the soil is also i use my finger to 2nd the check did u see the foto on the leaf part i was on about shud let it grow abit more to see wat happens to it again thanks @bob31 @Covertgrower

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@Shuggz itll stretch out just fine. Just give it Time. I use the finger test. If it feels moist a couple inches down, then it’s probably fine. As you get to know her, she’ll let you know what she needs. She will look a little wilty if she’s not watered enough.

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Blessd @Covertgrower

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I lift test mine but if I’m not sure I look for leaf droop or use the knuckle test. Hard to lift a scrogged plant though!

@Shuggz @Covertgrower

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Wat a nice day in the uk hey my grower family how are we today well a Q is that i watered on sat at 11 wen the lites come on so i did my two check to see if soil is moist 1st i use finger and it seemed fine then i check wid that tool wat check moist ph and lite but jst use the moist side of it and that tells me that it fine as well if i use the number system on it 1-3 is dry 4-6 is moist & 7-10 is wet so my checks shows that 7 off 8 are in between 3-5 & the other i is on the 3 wat u think i shud water or leave till 2moro ere is a foto as well Uploading… Uploading… @Covertgrower @bob31

I would only water when you see a little wilt. You want the roots to have encouragement to grow outwards to seek water. @Shuggz


Hey thanks they do look good :blush:i dont understand why its taking all day to upload pic o well thanks :pray:t3: @Covertgrower


@Shuggz @Covertgrower has it let them go a bit longer!

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@bob31 i hav not watered today so thats 48hrs no water maybe 2moro and thanks


Sure tomorrow we can check again. I generally go 3-5 days on mine but it all depends @Shuggz

Hey my grower family how are we all doing so im in the 4week half way and my babys look nice and i watered on sat so i think i leave today or shud i have given to them im not to sure well let see i think they will be good @Covertgrower @bob31

How do they look @Shuggz ?

Doing good how are you @bob31 sorri here you go foto