The fun life of an indoor grow with a stoner

I am SO glad for social distancing and the fact that me and my husband are pretty much loners and do not invite anyone over as a rule, and as my indoor grow is getting really dank. I had the tent open for a good hour yesterday doing some trimming and inspecting and just sort of enjoying it all. I accidentally snipped off a small stem with two buds. Coming inside the house after being out it smelled wonderful, like the dankest dispensary ever, or even better yet, it smelled like Jamaica. The country. If you have ever been you will know that humid danky smell at the resorts and every other place you go to.

Later the smell was just amazing but getting stronger. My husband came home from work and just took a deep breath and a huge sigh of happiness. It being Friday afternoon helps his attitude. (Being the good wife I am, he gets met at the door with a fresh packed PAX of herb). Later I am like, wow, this is really strong for just the tent.

Guess what? That stem with the two buds was sitting in the kitchen, somewhat hidden on our island with the monstrous crop of squash. Duh! We are curing it to see how it is. Bit too early but maybe some good CBD effect. It smells really strong of diesel and some sort of myrcene I can’t put my finger on yet.

Life with a stoner is never dull!