The bottom leaves yellow and spot

I am growing ak 47 in ff ocean forest. Ph 6.5 h2o. Temp 77 and rh 45. Lights HLG qb 330 leds set 3-4 ft above plant and set controller at lowest setting for now.

is it a magnesium deficiency even in ff of?

Sure does look like a mag deficiency to me. See what others think but a teaspoon of Epsom salt in your water should take care of it if that’s the case

That plant seems too young to have a deficiency, but I’m no deficiency expert.

Out of curiosity, how old is she?

Looks slightly over watered, and under fertilized.

Could we get you to fill out a support ticket? We really need more information.


4 weeks.

I added Epsom salt and watered with exactly 6.5 ph h2o. She is on the road to recovery! Greening up and growing. I guess it was lock out. Should I turn my led up to full intensity now?