THC pill form

Hello , I was wondering how to make cannabis in a pill form (capsule).

Tincture is probably your best bet. You could potentially make a home made gel capsule with an alcohol tincture or a glycerin tincture. You could also make edibles of course, brownies, or even kinda like a gummy bear or gum drop/spice drop. You can even just make a gel capsule from finely ground dry cannabis.

Be careful, edibles can be very strong and take a while to fully kick in. I can’t tell you how many first timers ignored the advice and kept eating and eating thinking it wasn’t going to work and then having a somewhat uncomfortably intense experience because they got such a high dose after it did all get digested and into the persons blood stream and kicked in. For some people it can take up to a full hour.

You can decarboxylate and finely grind your dry cannabis, with a coffee grinder or something similar, the finer the better, like fine flour. And then take the decarboxylated fine powder and fill gelatin capsules. If you do not decarboxylate the dry herb, it will not have the psychotropic or the same psychoactive affects on your mental state, however it will still have medicinal benefits:

Alcohol free but decarboxylated vegetable glycerine tincture, very potent:

Here is a very long video but the most complete I quickly found on you tube on making your own capsules. The microwave method may not be the absolute best method to decarboxylate your cannabis. Do some research for what is most comfortable and will work best in your situation and of course never do anything against the recommendations of your doctor.

And you can read more about edible here:

And it has a link on how to make cannabis butter that can be used in many edibles.

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Please teach us how to make “Gummy Canna’Bears” :mrgreen:

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This is the most comprehensive article I’ve seen on how to decarboxylate your weed.

Adding any of these types of decarboxylated cannabis to your favorite gummy bear recipe would probably work but I’d recommend using a ‘ethyl alcohol’ (Ever Clear) extract from cannabis flour that had been treated to the boil bag method and use a blueberry, purple haze, or a lemony/citrus smelling strains for the best flavors. It can then have all the alcohol evaporated, if so desired, before mixing in a gummy bear mix.

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