That time of year again...Maui Wowie and White Widow

This year I changed up my grow by testing the PH with a dropper kit. I quickly saw I was always high on PH coming from my water at my house, so I started to use PH Down, I just used the cheaper orange stuff.

Upon suggestion of my local hydro shop, where I buy potting soil, I used Roots Organic Uprising Bloom. If that doesn’t sound like a Bob Marley song, I don’t know what does…

Last year, @Myfriendis410 suggested Monterey BTi and Captain Jack Dead Bug, prior for aphids and later for bud worms. Per suggestion of my local hydro shop, I put those in different bottles and spray on different days, rather than mixing them together.

I don’t keep great track of my seeds, but was trying to germinate a lot of them. I have a bunch of seeds that came from a hermie plant, and can kinda guess which ones are from my hermies. I had 8 plants in the end, but 2 of them were males. I have a bunch of my own white widow seeds…

I was also watering too much, so I cut back to 5 gal of water, using a filter to remove chlorination from the water, and PH Down. I use 5 gal of water for 6 plants, not scientific, every other day. I also removed the lower branches to open the bottom and get more air flow, 5 of my planters are 25 gallon and one is a 15 gallon.

My terpenes are starting to get milky, and Sat. October 14th is a full moon. I plan to harvest these on Sunday. I will wash with Hydrogen Peroxide, been doing that the last few years.

Maui Wowie, possibly my favorite smoke, I would say the best flavor of any smoke for me. It has a very sweet pineapple flavor…

White Widow, one of my all time faves.


My bad, tonight is not a full moon, it’s a NEW moon.