Thanks MacGyver for the advice. I checked the box for my original question to come to my email and now can’t find my original post here. In response to your advice on the room. Yes it is 10 ft by 10 ft. It is my spare bedroom. The led panels varied. The bulb type were 28 watt I believe and the red only panels are 14 watt. The bloom boss were 28 watt. That is the two of them (bloom boss) combined over one plant. The lights hung down from the ceiling about 4 inches from the plants. I also set lights hitting them from the sides to try and reach all the lower and inner foliage. AFTER reading your advice I have spaced out the led panels from being a double continuous setup going over each plant to spacing them out and added in 3 120 watt grow lights. I only have 8 plants. I was running 14 led lights over them and have taken that down to half to allow the grow lights to reach them. I used the higher watt bulbs and bloom boss panels… I believe I have one more grow light here at home I can add. I raised the led lights that I left to the same level as the grow lights. I did leave the led panels that are set up on the sides to allow the light to hit all angles and will probably place the other grow panels hitting the sides also. If I should need to add another light just let me know. Trial and error the best way to learn.

My soil ph varies from each bucket. The range is from a 6.0 to somewhere around 7.0. I did have one bucket that had a 5.0. The room stays at 72 to 74 degrees during the day. And 68 degrees at night. It does have constant air flow as I don’t keep the door closed at all during the day and it gets the movement from the air conditioner in the home. I do run a fan at night on low as I close the door during the night and it seems to warm the room up and make it a bit humid. I don’t know if those ph balances would have had any affect on the street seeds that were just all males. I started one of my last 5 (these were throw in a pot street seeds) into the flowering stage a couple weeks ago and sure enough it is going to be a male. Guess the funny side is I am about the only person with a 100% male growth rate.

Thanks for the help again. Good to know that what I am looking at will work in my room.

PH of 5.5 - 6.5 is about ideal, and as high as 7.0 - 7.5 isn’t too much to worry about in soil in the beginning as during flower things should get more acidic on their own. If you are between the ideal ranges you’re golden. Temps sound reasonable, nothing to worry about there, especially with soil, and it would even be safe at 75F for deep water culture and some other hydro, which you really need to keep the temps kinda lower with, no higher than about a 78F air temp and at 75* is even better. A fan blowing across the plant’s leaves is good during the day as well, at night it helps keep the moisture from building up or lingering in the hard to get to places, tight node cluster, etc. from humidity and helps ward off bud rot, and during the day it means the leaves get more co2 in the air moving around the leaves.