Terrible situation

My landlord found my grow, luckily he’s a family member & we just agreed I’d get rid of them…it sucks but I’m wondering what to expect as far as quality this is my first time harvesting early I was a week away from harvest will post picks soon

Ufff -.- gotta give some to try it , they will let you grow again

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These pictures look pretty distorted… looks pretty white… hard to tell… sorry for the situation you are in.

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Mabe these are a better look at what I had to chop, I’m kind of a loaner so I had no where else I could go to finish her off

The ghost of the bud you about to cut is hunting you

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Indeed it is mr Marsh indeed it is, I’m hoping I can get some sort of high out of the bud

Yeah you could had them go for alil bit more

You will just dry it

Really depends on condition of trichomes, which we can’t really see in pics. Typical results from harvested early are having a racy high. Makes your heart rate increased and can cause some to be a little paranoid.