Terps fried, so how will thc be affected?

Heya guys,
So had a bit of a hot humid days which seems to have fried the smell of a plant.
Its Trichomes appear mature.
Will the thc levels & qty be affected even though theres normal Trichome levels with lots of white.

What temp did the plant experience? Can you share pictures?

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This is a pic of 1 i just chopped.
Smells vaguely earthy, not arousing. Very weak smell.
Low smell levels throughout grow. Bad time of year to grow.
Bruce Banner fem

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That’s 82F, which is fine. I wouldn’t worry about it. You’ll want to get your humidity down if it is too high (e.g. above 50 to 60% in flowering.) F-tardie doesn’t tell us much.

Please edit out your F bomb.


Theres barely any smell at all just bland cardboard

Probably has more to do with growing, drying, and curing conditions. A temp of 28C is fine. Temp doesn’t really cause problems unless you are consistently above 30C. 22 to 27C is ideal.


Im also wondering how many hot humid days? Like multiple times a week? Multiple weeks?

Doesnt LOOK effected by the environment, which normally shows before smell/flavor is weakend. I kinda agree it could be the finish but that branch looks freshly clipped.


Don’t know but Banner is very loud smelling strain. You sure she’s ready? Only time I have ever lost smell was from spider mites, how they can suck all the smell, taste and odor from a plant is amazing, they must not get high! Lol!:rofl: This an indoor grow?


@Frosty_Nights , have you had a Covid test ( :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: too soon ) just playing. I was told by a Rasta brother, low temps when drying is ideal . But this isn’t always achievable. Keeping your RH% around 58-62 % with some air movement is more important. You are in the drying phase correct?

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  • Fresh cut
  • Trichomes 95% cloudy 5% amber 2% clear was in about week 9 of flower (begin August 10)
  • indoor grow
  • rh & temp hit 29 & 74% for 6-10 hours multiple times in 1 week
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The above environment was during mid flower.
Drying i tend to go 40-50% rh at 20celc (lowest i can get to)

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Week 9 when you chopped? Or week 9 is when the environment went awry?

when chopped. Was mid and mid end of flower that weather went awry

Maybe just wasnt a standout pheno… u say she wasnt particularly pungent throughout the grow. Could just be that.

Im of the belief BB is a rather funky strain, so in any event, those clones would be tossed (if ever taken)