Tents in a garage in winter, my Journal

Right on Grow Bro, I’ll help all I can :love_you_gesture:

And here we are.

Gold Leaf and the larger Apple Fritter Auto are officially chopped.

They are nice and cozy in my new 2x4 tent. The smaller Apple Auto still has another week or so before she is ready.

I have the Ac Infinity humidifier set to keep it at or above 62%. The large vent is set to keep humidity below 65%.
2 small clip fan on low aiming at the tent floor to circulate.

So we will try to stay in the safe zone for a full 2 weeks to super slow dry.


Congrats brother @Need_4_Seed . Nicely done.
Cant wait to hear a smoke report.

Harvest congrats Grow Bro, I would recommend removing 40-50% of the leaves :love_you_gesture:

@OGIncognito - no worries, bro.
I had to do it the next day.
Can’t believe how plump these nugs are!

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Ok. So last apple fritter auto is now chopped and trimmed and in the dry tent.

Incredibly, i am noticing an honest GREEN APPLE CANDY smell coming from this plant.
The other twin didnt have ANY of this smell. Its insane.

But now very excited to see how things go.

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Happy Birthday @Need_4_Seed

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Happy B-day @Need_4_Seed :beers:

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Many thanks, fellow growers!

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Alrighty, final follow-up.

After letting Goldie and Apple Fritter auto #2 hang for a week in my dry tent. I chopped the #1 apple fritter auto a week after the first harvest. I was over the moon at the sour apple smell I picked up in the plant that grew slower.

I was constantly keeping an eye on the amber trichomes, and I was reading one of ILGM’s grow pdf’s and saw they recommend harvest when the pistols are about 60% orange. Now, that seems very early to me, since I’m not looking for manic effects. I prefer a little more amber and never have issues. But my plants really said they were ready weeks before the 8-9 week mark came. And I think my mistake was the light bars in the tent. I think I gave them too much light, even at 12 hr cycle. So my next attempt will be reducing the light bars to like 30% come flower time. But anyway, drying was going well and I wanted my adventure complete.

That being said, I also know most recommend RH be at around 60% in the jar. I’m gonna be honest, not me. I use a dry flower vaporizer from pulsar. This is not an add, but it is a great little device with fun attachments.
Since the vaporizer removes the need for moisty leaf, I prefer drying my product out to way less. Less RH = less change of rot, mold, etc.

So I just used my freeze drier on my product before jarring. BTW, I still have some Gold Leaf I freeze dried and jarred from my first grow back in Jan of 2023. (I don’t use much, since it’s a maintenance for chronic pain for myself and others). And it’s still very fresh smelling and gives the perfect pain-free results.

So all of my jars are averaging 40% or less. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Overall fantastic experience using the new fertilizer. Other than getting a dude in my original Apple Fritter Auto, the 2 I grew after produced very well. Gold Leaf never let me down and I’m still a HUGE fan of the effects.

Thank you all for coming along for this adventure, growmies! I learned a lot and can’t wait for my next grow. I already have new strains to try.

Until then,