Tents in a garage- first clone adventure

Hello all!
My last journal was my winter garage grow and it went very well.
I got lots of apple fritter from my 2 autos and my gold leaf shined like the champ she is.
I let them dry for a week and then freeze dried it, locking all that perfection in for the long term.
My original 2x2x6 tents now have a double- wide 2x4x6 tent that i used as my dry room a few months back.

So i have germinated 1 sunset sherbert and lost 1 zkittlez that never made it…so im soaking 2 more now. Hopefully 1 makes it.

Sunset sherbert is about 5 days out of the dirt. And i should have zkittlez in the seed pod tomorrow.

My hope is to use the 2x4x6 tent as a clone nursery.

Here we go!


Im ready for the journey. Lets go.

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Cool seed starting tray. I’ve been eyeing those. The silicone bottoms to push out the plugs/medium are awesome.

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I only had this one in the try 4 days and when i checked below, the taproot was stretched along the bottom of the try. But the push-pop style made transplanting easy. No broken taproot and she is in her 7 gal forever home.

But something is up with these zkittlez seeds. Barely showing taproots after 3 days in water. Gonna let them soak till tomorrow AM and then seed pod them.


quick update.

Man, Sunset Sherbert is growing like a weed. Healthy and her taproot was super long after 3 days in water. Here she is since her taproot saw dirt 18 days ago ago.

Now, Skittlez is a different story. The first seed never even popped. So I contacted ILGM and they asked me to try 2 more seeds. I only had 5 since I bought in a mix pack. But, ok…

Both had issues with their seeds popping and the taproots were WAY smaller after a full 3 days in water. I planted them with the taproot mostly down, but with a slight angle so the seed pod could get pushed off. Neither of the seeds lost the cap and they both came up with helmet hair. I waited another 24 hours and very carefully pulled the second off manually with a toothpick. They’re both doing better now.

Now I have 2 insanely tiny Skittlez seedlings that saw dirt 8 days ago.

My plan is to get them all as healthy are strong as i can in the next 5 weeks and start clones when the branches are strong.